Sunday, July 18, 2010

SDCC 2010

I'm superthrilled to be going to San Diego Comic-Con 2010 this year with Frozen Beach Studios.
Our location # is 2107- So please do come by and say hi! We've got a ton of books and swag. I have a limited run of prints for the Brand new Metal Locus pin up shown above, as well as T shirts, sketchbooks, and assorted prints and other goods. We've got a lot of exciting announcements planned for SDCC 2010 as well- movies, tv shows, new books, and more!!! I'm so excited I might pee myself.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


felt like drawing death tightropin it... at least i found a use for those lame leaf brushes in photoshop. not all of those leaves are ps brushes...don't know how i feel about the leaves. i may revisit this one later.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

so... it's been a while since I updated my blog.
I've been through two close friends passing away, and a car accident recently. It took me a little time to get back into the swing of things... I had a hard time drawing for a few weeks because of minor injuries. I was also superbummed. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been supportive during the last month or so, and I can't wait to get back working steady again.

On to more positive matters.

Just got back from Supercon in Miami. I had a wonderful time. I was in attendance at both the What the Flux Booth and the Frozen Beach studios Booth. I got the hang out with Jeramy Hobs(wtfc), Larry Jarrell(wtfc), and Stephan Nilson (FBS) for most of the weekend. These guys are all super talented and just overall great people, you know that Queen song "keep good company"? thats what we do.

I finally met Aris, from millarworld's boards. I used to post there pretty regularly, and he has always been supportive and a good honest source for critique, so meeting him in person was awesome.

Got a copy of Assassin's Guild #4
- Written by Randy Taylor, pencils by Dustin Weaver & Larry Jarrell, inks by Joe Fauvel & Zach Basset. The guys needed a quick lettering job- so I turned those around for them. I also printed up some shirts for their long awaited finale.

Just finished a 5 pager for an anthology. Some Action Figure designs for Frozen Beach Studios,
as well as a 3 page story for their title " Metal Locus".

Printed Extinction shirts printed up for the release of the "Extinction" TPB - written by Stephan Nilson art by Kyle Stokes- who by the way is an ultra chill dude and fun to hang out with.

I attended a few portfolio reviews as well. One of which was a personal victory was
finally getting a favorable and positive review as well as follow up info from a company that pretty much told me to get bent a few years ago. Bo Hampton did a group review as well during the con, which I attended, he was incredibly insightful, and it was great to see what everyone else has brewing up in their portfolios, I predict great things coming out of florida very soon.

I ran into Bo later at the hotel bar and he introduced me to a few people, it was a great evening listening to the pros share stories from their careers. I also ran into Derek Donovan, he was supercool and a blast to hang out with.

So yeah! A lot of bad stuff, followed up with a great weekend. I'll be heading off to SDCC in a few weeks with Frozen Beach Studios, let's hope the good energy is still flowing