Monday, November 29, 2010

on the table: 11292010 - i no heart motorcycles!

Pictured above is a screenshot of my photoshop document window. I would consider these my "pencils" - I've been working on this book completely digital, either on my modbook or cintiq. I've been approaching the same way I would a traditional page... i pencil things out using a 3-5 pixel brush set @ around 40% opacity - keep working it up until I like where things are going.
Eventually I'll save a jpg and send it over to my editor - if things look good, I'll get the OK to "ink" them - Pictured below is a crop of one of the pages I'm currently building up "ink" wise.

When I was drawing westerns, I would grumble about the horses... All the horses... Now that I'm working on Metal Locus... I have had to do a ton of motorcycles. Things like motorcycles, cars and guns slow me down a bit cause of they must be consistent- all those sharp and straight lines, mechanical parts, their construction, etc... for me organic shapes and objects are easier for me to envision... err... except for horses...

I suppose thats why they say it's important to draw EVERYTHING and then when you're done, do it again. Cause eventually... sooner than later... you'll probably come across it in a script. I, unfortunately, haven't drawn everything there is. I do however have google images and a friend with a neat motorcycle.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

on the table 11272010

I'm doing some digital inking today. This is one of my favorite panels from page 16 - I'm not quite done with it, but I wanted to post something, illuminate the process a little bit. One of the things I really love about working on a cintiq is having your original pencils available on a seperate layer... and being able to undo... but there are times when you can just undo and undo all night -

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

sketches - thoughts - more cyborgs

i did this sketch yesterday while having a mental block on a page for Metal Locus... i dunno. while i feel the figure is pretty generic, and a bit redundant in regards to some old sketches- I do like the colors and style. It's reminiscent of some of my older work that predates most of my comic efforts. I think I like my old coloring sensabilities and need to do more figure sketches and spend more time in junk yards...I wonder what a book with sort of washy watercolor type coloring mixed with comic art would look like... I'm sure there's a ton out there...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gunmaster -

Here's a few snippets of the Public Domain Gunmaster story I did w/ Patrick Sessoms for ICCW.
I'm still waiting to see all the lettered pages... I originally thought the book was going to be in color... typically I would have approached the pages in a different manner for a black and white book, but I'm happy with the grey tones.