Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I'm having a blast on Army of Darkness. I love this book, and working with Cullen Bunn has been great. I have had the pleasure of meeting him twice now since we have been working together... We just recently did a signing at Heroes Haven Comics in Tampa, FL... great turnout... and it was awesome to see some friends as well. I got there early and casually joined the ranks of people waiting in line... it was quite funny to go and sit down at our signing table after just chilling out with the crowd for almost an hour. Obviously, most of the crowd was there for Cullen and had no idea what I look like... but still... I appreciate their support for the book. The reviews have been, for the most part, incredibly positive... so that's nice as well.

Mike Perkins, Bart Sears, Paul Pelletier, Jamie Jones, Tony Kordos, and the whole Heroes Haven crew were in the house... I even got to see the original inks for Mike Perkins' Star Wars # 1 Variant cover. That dude does some amazing stuff.

I feel like I've been very lucky to have gotten paired with such phenomonal talents like Pat Shand and Cullen Bunn in the last few years... I've had great editors as well... and wonderful collaborations with colorists Nick Filardi, Slamet Mujino, Aikau Oliva and letterers Jim Campbell and Charles Pritchett ... I hope things continue to go well in 2015.

Anyhow, Army of Darkness # 2 previews went up on Bleeding Cool - you can check the article out HERE.

I still get nervous when I see my name on Bleeding Cool... luckily noone has blasted me on their comments section yet... but I imagine I can't dodge that bullet forever.