Friday, February 27, 2009

Megacon 2009 pt.1

Above, me and the huk. anyway... below there's some more pics from the convention... more to come tomorrow!

MEGACON 09: There was a ton of stuff to check out today. Awesome Panels by some of my favorite creators, kids in costumes, and tons of comics, anime, toys and robots. I got to meet and pick the brains of a lot of people, including Mark Waid, Tim Townsend, Steve Mcniven, Jimmy Cheung, Frank Cho, Wilfredo Torres, Dan DiDio, Barabara Kessel and more. I spent most of the day with editors and artists having my portfolio assessed... made some solid contacts & got some great pointers! Overall... Awesome awesome day. Everyone here was so nice and open to talk about their experience in the industry, their tools of trade and what they've got goin on in the future.

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Thanks for the honorable mention Larry - It was good meeting with you, hope I was helpful!