Sunday, October 11, 2009

red plains on Robot 6 on CBR

Brigid Alverson over at Robot 6 on Comic Book Resources mentioned Red Plains in last week's "What Are You Reading?" column.

:)'s the little things ...

Check it out here, and here is the full excerpt:

Red Plains, on the other hand, is a comic for grownups. It’s a western, something I don't see a lot of, and the first story arc is about ranchers vs. settlers, a classic theme. I really enjoy Noel Tuazon’s loose, brushy inking style in the first arc, Range War, and I like Larry Watts’s tighter work in the later arcs as well. I’m still getting a feel for the story, and Tuazon’s art is so loose that it’s hard to tell the characters apart, but Caryn Tate’s solid, spare writing is keeping me hooked.

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