Tuesday, November 8, 2011

11082011 - my son


long time no update - sorry everyone - My son Larry Eugene Watts III, or lew for short, was born on July 5th- and it's been awesome! I've been drawing a lot as well, and have a lot of cool stuff coming out - Most recently, I had a pinup in the sold out The Pound- Horror Business TPB through IDW/Frozen Beach/Desperado. Metal Locus is on track for a 2012 release, and I've been making tons of t shirt designs for ASAP Screenprinting. Pictured above is my son wearing his first halloween costume- he is only 4 months old in this pic, but he is HUGE.


carynatate said...

Congratulations on your son Larry, and happy to hear about all the work you're doing!

larry e. watts II said...

thanks caryn! he makes me so proud!