Tuesday, June 17, 2014

HEROES CONVENTION / concepts and general update 6172014

I've been playing around a little bit with concepts, I wish I could re-brand the Robyn Hood Ongoing book  a little bit. No negativity to what has been and what is, just, in my mind, Robyn would be the alt rock punk hipster of the zenescope universe and the book should reflect current trends and whatnot...  I dunno... so I thought I'd post a teaser concept I've been messing around with in between pages... just a little sketchy sketch to break the monotony of never ending monthly interiors.


Heroes Convention - June 20-22-
You can find me in Artist Alley AA 1507! Please stop by and say hi. I'll be doing sketchs, signing books, and will have some prints and other goodies to check out.

Ocala Comiccon - June 28&29

Tampa Bay Comiccon -  Aug 1-3
I'll be hanging with the Heroes Haven Crew - I'll be singing books, doing commissions and sketches, and providing sage wisdom. Stop by!


Jim said...

You’re right - Robyn needs to remain the social outcast / outsider she grew up as, not get turned into a team player with the Realm Knights.

Good seeing you at Ocalacon, catch you again sometime. Hope they send a cover your way soon!


dodge madison said...

This is exactly what I am talking about.
Waylon like Waylon Jennings.