Monday, February 14, 2011

metal locus crop - some ramblings about letterers.

so i'm still working on breakdowns for the next issue of metal locus - and I doubt anyone wants to see my scribbles... so i thought I'd crop a bit of a panel from issue 1 - once again - i have to say, romulo makes my work look better than I could have imagined... I am really looking forward to seeing this project once it's made it's way through everyone's hands. Charles Pritchett, is a great letterer, and I'm pretty sure he will be putting the finishing touches on this book. I think most people would be most familiar with Charle's work on Dynamo 5. Comic books are crazy, particularly because of the collaborative nature, and the finished product (to me ) is always more than the sum of the parts.

On a side note, I think letterers are completely undervalued. Bad letters can ruin an otherwise good comic book. I've been told that great letterers go unnoticed because they keep you immersed in the story... anyhow, I guess I'm lucky cause I've had mostly good experiences with letterers... Jim Campbell comes to mind... I'm not trying to name drop here, I just think, the 5 of you that read my blog should also check out what these unsung heroes are laboring over... and THEN send them millions... and then maybe they might send me an andrew jackson...

However, the one bad letterer story I do have goes as this : One of the first books I was published in, misspelled my name in the only two places it appeared? However, is that an editorial issue or just a common mistake... i dunno. larry wats signing out. wats. like tatts. nope. no good. talk about a let down - I even had to special order the book to see a printed copy of it... sigh.

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