Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MEGACON 2011 recap

I had an awesome time- It was nice seeing familiar faces and catching up with olf friends. Also was nice meeting all the cool people that stopped by the table this weekend. Pictured above, is a wonder woman commission i did during the con -

I was very very fortunate that Egg Embry was kind enough to give me space at his table in artist alley, as I was originally supposed to be at a publisher's booth that overbooked my space with a few other artists. I won't go into detail about the debacle.

I got to catch up with good old Wilfredo Torres and Egg Embry, as well as the ever talented Zach Basset, the encouragable James Whynot, the peculiar Patrick Sessoms, Mighty Mikey Alexanderopolous, Mike Perkins, Terry Cronin... I could go on and on... maybe later....

It was especially nice, cause since I've been working on comics mostly at night, my social life has really taken a back seat - It was a nice reminder of the people in my life, and a great chance to take a step back and see how things have changed since my first con back in 09. I had stumbled upon my first portfolio ever packing for the trip... and looking back at how my art has changed over the last two years, I'm pleased with the progress I've made. On another note, it really is amazing to see other people's work as well, and have the oppurtunity to see them grow over the years as well.

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