Tuesday, April 12, 2011


thought I would post some preview art for Metal Locus - Charlie is pretty much a big bad ass mofo. The colors by Romulo Fajardo really are great to me... it's a bit new to me to have someone color my work, other than myself, so it's been interesting to see how the black and white art gets treated by others. I enjoyed this process a lot, when I received the color proofs back from Rom, it was like looking at completely new pages... a nice contrast to my black and white finished pages. For me, when I look at the only inked pages, I see every brush stroke and have a hard time separating myself from the process. Looking at someone else coloring my work gives me enough distance to gain a different type of perspective on the whole creating comics thing... for example- I see areas I need to improve in, and conversely- I see certain elements that may have been unnecessary in the line work...

I really need to update my blog more.

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Walter Ostlie said...

these look nice man! Good to finally chat with you. Catch cha around.